A Friend’s Visual Testimonial

These images were sent to us by one of friends. She was diagnosed with Basal Cell Carcinoma and used Dazey Hemp Extreme Cream. You can see the improvement in just six days of using Dazey Hemp Extreme Cream!

Available scientific evidence does not support claims that Dazey Hemp is effective in preventing or treating cancer. Relying on Dazey Hemp alone as treatment while avoiding or delaying conventional medical care for cancer may have serious health consequences.

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Everyone has an insecurity. For me it was always my skin. I’ve tried everything from namesake products and well-known brands, to sketchy over-the-counter powders and homemade violet voodoo, but the small red bumps on my arms and cheeks wouldn’t go away.

After years of trying and failing, I was introduced to Dazey Hemp Products. Within a week the redness faded and the bumps smoothed out. The combination of the peel and the cream works wonders! In addition, they smell amazing and have a smooth, creamy feel. I would highly recommend Dazey Hemp.

Zippy PAge 16

OK how about “absolutely addicted to the Dazey Hemp Scrub! I have been through 3 jars, gifted it to friends and it is part of my can’t Live- without routine”

And ” discovered the Extreme healing crème last week after I was healing from an aggressive dermatology visit- the crème is soothing and rich without being greasy. My skin drank it in!”

Rosa BlasiActress

I started using Dazey Hemp Skin Care’s Dead Sea Mineral Peel with Organic Green Tea And Turmeric about a year ago. I am a 43 year old woman with an active lifestyle. My complexion can be uneven. Inflamed and red at times and then, dull and lifeless at others, due to the amount of time I spend outdoors and in the pool. I use the peel every two weeks and notice an improvement in the overall suppleness in my skin and a significant reduction in the redness on my cheeks which is common in my family. I love the Mineral Peel because it is a fast way to look like you spent a day at the spa. I love that the product is in alignment with my personal values by being all natural, vegan and not tested on animals. Thank you, Dazey Hemp for making a product that makes me feel so beautiful!!!

OleanaParadise, California

Hey just wanted to let you guys know something: I had a couple of blemishes on my forehead (UGH, it happens–LOL) Not to be gross, but they were inflamed and gnarly and hurt. So check this out…I took a Q-tip and dipped it into my Dazey Hemp Dead Sea Mineral Peel and applied a tiny bit of it on each blemish. When I woke up the next day WAH LAH!! They were no longer inflamed OR painful and my skin had settled right down!!!! LOVE this stuff! Makes me wonder what other little amazing things I am going to find to do with it!! I NEVER had problems with blemishes when I was young, but now at 52 yrs young, they crop up every now and again. I also have extremely sensitive skin and Dazey Hemp is awesome!!! NO problems with it whatsoever!!! And I am seeing changes in my complexion for the better! I took a photo of my face “before” and in a month or so am going to take another and compare. LOVE THIS STUFF!! DAZEY HEMP ROCKS!!

PaddychelleVia Email

Love it!!! Had no idea I could use it every day. I have sun-worshipped skin and I see a little difference. Will be getting more soon!!! Thanks!!!

MaribethVia Email

Dear Dazy Hemp,

I am very pleased and happy with the scrub and cream. I have suffered with moderate rosacea on my face for years and the scrub and cream have eliminated the dry, irritated areas and all but eliminated the redness. I’m very happy.

John F.Via Email